LOL Stats Calculator - Build Calculator for League of Legends
LOLStatsCalculator is currently in Beta. Please notify us if you experiences any issues or inaccuracies with the build calculator. Thank you.


LOL Stats Calculator is an online League of Legends Build Calculator for all your League of Legends stats related questions. Quickly and easily calculate the stat effects of different item builds and rune combinations. Change champion levels and identify key power spikes. Alter ability levels to determine what should be leveled first. Generally gain a better understanding of the numbers behind the game and why the top players make the decisions they do.



Certain champions are more complex than others due to implicit interactions with their stats (e.g. Ryze), complex abilities, or in some cases simply poor access to detailed information. As a result some champions are currently included in the build calculator whereas others are not. It is our intention to have every champion available and we are steadily adding champions as we iron out their details. This will be an ongoing process that will take some time, but rest assured that having every champion available is our goal.


Situational Stats such as those granted by Warmog's Heart are not included in the calculations when using the base item. These stat increases only trigger based on certain in game criteria (e.g. low health and being out of combat) and therefore are not considered in the calculation. In these cases when possible an active version of the item will be available i.e. "Warmog's Heart (Active)" that can be used instead if desired.

Certain items have unique passives that affect base stats, such as Rabadon's Deathcap, Spirit Visage, and Athene's Unholy Grail. Most of these are currently accounted for. If you come accross situations where you feel an item passive that affects stats is not accounted for please let us know.

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